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Different Modes of Protection Services Available on the Web

What are security services? Simply put, the security service is any service, offered by an element of communication such as networks, that ensures adequate security of all data transfers or of networks as agreed by ITU-TS X. 800 recommendations. Services are classified into three basic categories: protection, deterrence and assistance.

Protection Services Security services are aimed at preventing unauthorized access to data. There are many types of security services available in the market today, each serving different purposes. The most important objective of a security service is the guarantee of confidentiality. There are more specific measures, which should be followed while offering a security service; they are: integrity, authentication, encryption, and reporting. A main article on computer security will elaborate further on these key elements of service.

Authentication Security services that ensure data integrity include several methods such as challenge-response authentication, password, digital certificates, smart cards, cellular phones, and smart cards embedded in hardware. These provide strong protection against hackers and other unauthorized access. The main goal of a strong security service is to maintain authentication integrity of all messages. There are some methods such as verification, which are used for authentication; and integrity, that is used to maintain integrity of a message. Be sure to read more here!

Encryption Security services that ensure data integrity include different methods such as encryption, digital signature, key distribution, digital certificates, and secure key storage. All of them aim at ensuring integrity of a message by masking the actual content of the message. They are mostly used for sensitive information, financial transactions, and military applications. Digital signature is an example of a digital signature. This method can help you protect corporate identity; while preventing tampering and fraud with other users' accounts. Digital signing is an integral component of various security services.

Conformity Security services that maintain integrity of communications to ensure compliance with standards such as ISO Security Standardization, PCI-DSS, Kerckhoffs cryptography, etc. There are some organizations, such as telecommunications operators, whose business revolves around conformity and confidentiality. For them, security and conformance are interdependent. If one fails, the others are also affected. Therefore, they have to use the appropriate cryptographic security services, which are able to provide conformed messages.

Out of the above-mentioned security services, the most significant ones are encryption, digital signatures, and digital encryption. All these make use of different kinds of cryptographic keys, which cannot be easily duplicated. The most commonly used cryptographic keys are Diffie-hellman, Kerckhoffs, and SSL (Secure Socket Layer). The use of these keys ensures the integrity of data. Learn more about security at

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